Information for Moldan's arts-photographs:

All pictures on this site originate from Bernd Moldan and are copyright protected.

Photographs sold are in no way mass articles.

Unique items or limited editions. Every photograph is personally signed.

Foto-prints / giclee canvas-prints / acrylic / alu-dibond

Details on request for special formats and exclusive rights.

!!! Because no exhibitions of my pictures could take place recently, and none are in prospect, I have reduced the prices for my exhibits by 50% in advance (between 125 and 200 euros, depending on the size and design).
This promotion runs until May 12th of the year.
Photographs in acrylic, canvas, alu-dibond in sizes 40/60, 50/75, 60/90 are available !!!

More you can find in a personal discussion.

Standard designs: please see pricing information below.

Distribution through specialist shops or directly from the photograph.

© all rights reserved


More pricing information:

All prices as set out below are inclusive of local VAT. We ask for your understanding, that we cannot accept returns of delivered photographs. Prices for photographs and options are set out in the table below / on request.

   NOTE: Images contained in the Archive under "ABSTRACT", "PEOPLE" and "EVENTS" cannot be sold without prior contact with the artist. Don't hesitate to contact "fotomoldan" for your wished photographs in the best elaboration.


Price in €
Fully developed PHOTOGRAPH ( 30x45 )

on request
Photograph with slipmount IN FRAME "Accent Silver" (50x60)

on request
CANVAS ( on stretcher bar 30x45 )
on request

CANVAS ( on stretcher bar 40x60 )

on request
CANVAS ( on stretcher bar 60x90 )

on request
ACRYL ( 40x60 ) with chamfer
on request

ACRYL ( 60x90 ) with chamfer

on request

ALU-DIBOND ( 40x60 )

on request

ALU-DIBOND ( 60x90 )

on request
Insured delivery outside Austria please see tariff calculator of the postal service  
Insured delivery inside Austria cash on delivery
Only Vienna: free of charge delivery for more than 2 pics !