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 member of "Austrian-Greek Society / ΑυστροΕλληνικη Ενωση"

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member of "Les Montmartrois de Vienne"
in cooperation with the "International PhantastenMuseum Wien"

Bernd Moldan is since his youth photographer by passion.
In his photographic works you see his intimate relationship with nature as well as the trained eye for unusual perspectives and image formation.

The expressional strength in his pictures is mostly achieved by incisive contents of his photographs. The photographic horizon lies far beyond that of the normal hobby photographer.

His motives account for the simultaneous reduction of object delineation – whereby a broad spectrum of  emotional perception remains with the viewer:
one finds himself "dragged into the pictures"

Not without cause is the artist denoting his pictures as
“photographs they speak of my soul”
“photographs made for the soul”

Actress, Director, Author, Painter   

The photographs will be sold, details about processing,
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